A “chemistry” lesson

It’s interesting that some people talk about ploy like the relationship is doomed to fail- as if anything that is more than just two people will ‘always’ crumble. I feel like it is hard for people looking at polycule from the outside to understand how that sort of relationship structure could possibly be stable. The... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in Time Economics

I know I am not alone in feeling like I am not very special to someone sometimes. It’s like the ordinary routine settles in and sometimes you just feel like part of the furniture to your partner- or whomever in your life. I have been feeling that way a little with E lately. I been... Continue Reading →

Three just means less kibble

I think the people have the better end of the deal, sure there’s three of them like there is three of us but they don’t suffer like I do. They have thumbs, they can open the fridge when ever they want. They don’t have to wait if they don’t want too. But I have to... Continue Reading →

it is what it is

L sits on the couch playing a video game. I watch for a while as they try and pick butterflies out of the air then fight off a wolf pack by shooting flames from their lizard character’s hands. This is pretty standard. It's a staple game in our house. My goal in the game is... Continue Reading →

My Cousin’s Questions Final Part: Multiple Relationships.

I don't think polyamory is as unfamiliar an idea as people think, but they only understand the idea of “multiple loves” when its applied to other relationship categories. Some of the examples where people have multiples in a relationship category include parents, siblings, uncles, best friends, pets, kids, teammates, coworkers…  While everyone approaches it differently,... Continue Reading →

Traffic and other such games

I think everything in South Florida agrees that night time is the best time to go outside. I mean it doesn't change the fact that it is still stupidly hot and humid, but it is better than daytime. E and I take walks then too, with the slugs, and the frogs, and the opossums. I... Continue Reading →

Fam and the ‘plus 1’

So we had some interesting family experiences recently and now that I think about them after the fact I feel both surprised and confounded. They also remind me of how unique our relationships really are. L travels for work on occasion and recently their travels took them to my home city, Denver, where 95% ish... Continue Reading →

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